Dear Arnab,

You recently put out 10 questions to Rahul Gandhi under your unique signage ‘The Nation wants to know’.  Contrary to your anticipation, here is a citizen of India responding to you. Logically.

1. Rahul has a right, BUT NOT a pressing national responsibility, to meet the envoy.

Ok. That is a comment, not a question.

But still, you cannot dictate responsibility of a citizen towards his nation. Not just Rahul Gandhi, but shouldn’t every citizen of India do their best to ensure national security and peace is maintained with neighbours? As a sitting member of the Indian Parliament and Vice-President of the Central Opposition Party, I believe he has all the rights, power and position to meet the enovy. The question of responsibility appears subjective; it is a national pity if you don’t think it is his & every other political leader’s responsibility to meet & ascertain facts.
Just to remind you, a similar incident took place in 2015 and our prime minister was holding an umbrella for Chinese Premier.

It’s not clear what the major emergency was which made him rush to the Chinese embassy on Saturday at a time when the situation on the LAC was so sensitive.

You definitely need some classes on International Politics. Instead of appreciating the efforts made by Rahul Gandhi, you want to create a conspiracy out of it. You should have raised questions to Chinese and not an Indian leader.  Also, you end your statement with “the situation on the LAC was so sensitive”, does that not sound like an emergency worth attending to by leaders across the political spectrum?

3. When the Government is dealing with a sensitive situation, and Rahul knows about that, what track two was he trying to do with the Chinese?

You or me, we do not qualify to know the internal strategies that can endanger national security. Indian National Congress was part of ruling coalition of the country for the longest time and where ever we stand with China today, Rahul Gandhi is well aware about it just like any other senior Congress leader would be. There have been drastic changes in our foreign policies, which might be good for some reasons and bad for others. We are going through a drastic period of change in our foreign policy and our stance on international issues including our own. During this time, it is very important to balance our position by bringing good part of both – old and new foreign policies on table and to see if we can resolve the issue in short term and ensure that it would not happen again in long term. We may have to adopt some of the old ideas of foreign policy. In such scenario, opposition (the previous ruling party or leader) plays a major role – that’s what is happening here.
The problem is you only raise question when you can get TRP out of it. Why didn’t you raise question when present government asked our beloved former Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh to intervene in GST execution? Present government went to him at least three times to ask for his advice. So, putting things into perspective – government may change but the issues and people are the same and healthy collaboration is required from opposition.

By the way, I hope you have acquired your GST number – warna dhandha thoda jaldi bandh ho jayega.

If Rahul wanted to know the truth, why didn’t he ask the government for a debrief?

Are you the government? Do you have access to such high-level debriefing sessions of government? If yes, then it’s a serious concern for citizens of the country. If not – what is the basis of your question? There are several ways of debriefing. Direct and indirect. Few things are said and few things are not said, but expected from leader.
See, you won’t understand because no matter how many times we debrief you on your behaviour, you do not understand. So, stop challenging your mental ability to understand such complex scenarios.

Who goes quietly to the embassy of a foreign power that has been threatening to teach India a lesson, to “exchange views”?

Do you expect that Rahul Gandhi goes there with Band Baja ? Arnab – You don’t have to shout for everything. FYI, there are ways of doing things quietly, as well.

6. What happened in the meeting? Did the Chinese coach Rahul on their position or did Rahul angrily teach them a lesson on facts?

What would a sensible Indian do? See, Arnab we need to come out of the attitude of kill or be killed. Issues of such significance are solved through negotiation where you raise your concern and you listen to concerns of others. Unlike some news debate where one doesn’t listen but just speak. So, neither of what you said happened.

7.Is it a sheer coincidence that just a day earlier, Rahul
’s tweets (not deleted yet 😊 ) attack the prime minister for “silence on China”?

Do you disagree with Rahul? China should not be silenced? If you agree with him, you would not raise this question. When you raise this question, I as a viewer doubt your credibility and priorities. It seems for you sensationalising news is more important than silencing CHINA. I doubt your patriotism.

8.Why did the Congress officially deny the meeting when news came out this morning?

Yes, it was denied by a Congress leader but not by the party. If you will apply this theory to other parties, you would realize that there is lot of bull shit spoken by ruling party MPs, MLAs and other leaders but you do not take it as a stance of the party. So, let’s not be biased here.

If it was fake news, then why did the Congress confirm the fake news later in the evening today?

I have laughed a lot on your questions. Any sensible person would. A news is a news only when confirmed. Just the same day, media first announced Ravi Shastri as a head coach. The same media then announced it to be fake news as said by BCCI. And by the evening, same BCCI confirmed Ravi Shastri as a head coach. The point here is, certain information has to come from certain authority before you call it a fake news or a real one. But, how would you know? I advise you to have a better content process system in place to avoid such misunderstandings. I can help if you need.

10. Rahul says it’s his job to be informed of critical issues. By the logic extended to the Chinese, would he go to the Pakistan High Commission to be informed of the situation along the LoC?

Are you so naive to compare Pakistan with China? You might like Pakistan as much as China, but China is a superpower, Pakistan is not. On any war-like situation Pakistan cannot stand against us but China definitely can. And let’s be practical here and not give so much importance to Pakistan. And as far as Pakistan is concerned our PM is doing decent job by visiting them on birthdays and other occasions.

To conclude:
I appreciate you asking questions through digital medium. A person can answer your questions without you interrupting them. People can read answers without you manipulating them. Reader can really think from all perspectives without any bias. They can look beyond sensationalism of the news. Unlike many BJP leaders, who cannot stand criticism, we invite your questions – only if they are backed with genuine concerns and not a publicity stunt. I hope, you will be also ready to answer some of our questions when asked? Because not far from now, people will raise questions on your biased journalism. People will ask you lot of questions ARNAB. They will question your integrity towards the nation, they will question your blindness towards some politicians. They will question your ability to stand for truth. They will question your approach to sensationalise every important constructive event. Because times will change and I hope you are prepared for that.

Just to remind you, if you are right in your stance, we will not troll you. We will not manipulate your answers. We will not shout at you. We will respect you as human being. That’s the difference between you and us. But when you are objectively incorrect, be ready to face the music. Coming to you from across this great nation. Jai Hind!


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