Meet demands or burn to ashes…!

Arson at the drop of a hat seems to be the saffron mantra. At a rally in Mangaluru, BJP MP Nalin Kateel issued a public threat to the law enforcement, and a loud rally call to protesting mobs.
Addressing a rally of protesters who were demanding speedy justice in the alleged murder of a BJP worker’s son in Konaje, Kateel issued a public threat to the state’s law enforcement. If the accused were not arrested soon, he said, ‘BJP workers are capable of setting the district on fire’.
He might have been quick to retract his statements, blame his ill health for the muddled communication, and later make hollow appeals for peace. But the public is quicker to read your mind, Kateel Ji. If this is not incitement to violence, then what is? To give an angry mob what it wants is beyond foolhardy. It is dangerous politicking for popularity.
2018 is coming. We will remember your statements. Your kind of politics will never win.The ethos and cultural fabric of this country are much stronger than your vile politics. Kannadigas are a peaceful people, and not one to be instigated by hate mongers.
Remember Kateel Ji, that a real taste of your prescription could ultimately prove too costly for us all. BJP included.

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