Now Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan accounts used for black money?


Black money has found its way in, through the Prime Ministers most beloved scheme, Jan Dhan. It seems now that the only purpose of the demonetization was to question and harass the common man.

Jan Dhan Accounts have seen a huge surge in deposits, with Rs. 21,000 Crore being parked in such accounts following demonetization. In the last 13 days, banks have been flooded with deposits in Jan Dhan accounts that have touched Rs. 21,000 crore, sources said.

While the intent of the demonetization scheme may have been good, the content of demonetization seems to be, to demonize the common people. It seems that the black money mongers have found this new route for stashing their wealth. Instead of increasing banking penetration and promoting financial inclusion, the government has turned the common man into a cash mule for the ‘power that be’.


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