Stop politicizing suicides


Gains made from conspiracy theories are like the old Rs. 500 notes. You may have many, but they may value just as much as dirt. It is a lesson the opposition must learn, for good. After unending propaganda and allegations over DK Ravi’s suicide being motivated, now it has been found that he was involve in a real estate deal which was the probable cause of the suicide.

After all those fancy theories, the truth seems like a damp reminder of reality being far less glamorous than fantasy. The bureau found that Ravi and a partner borrowed money to buy 50 acres of land to start their own real estate venture but the deal never took off because acquisition of the land wasn’t cleared.

It is now understood that the financial pressure to return the money for this failed deal might have driven Ravi to suicide. Days after Ravi’s death, the JDS alleged that Ravi had been transferred to Bengaluru from Kolar at the behest of the sand mafia. They had even released an audio tape to back the conspiracy theory.

In any case, the truth is out of the bag. Like the new currency, the truth shall prevail.


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