Tipu Jayanti: to be or not to be..


BS Yeddyurappa seems to be struck with political Amnesia. Like the advertisements which base their product on the ‘then and now’ situations, Yeddyurappa has shown his convenient flip-flopping. We believe, for Yeddy the phrase, “to be or not to be”, means the right to constant confusion and the phrase “the answer is blowing in the wind” means, whichever way the votes swing. Let us show you the King of hypocrisy’s then and now on Tipu Sultan:



The King of hypocrisy had dressed in the attire of Tipu Sultan in Karnataka Janata Paksha Minorities Convention on March 30th 2013.


It was reported that during his reign in KJP, he paid his respects to the tomb of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatna.

Another great memory-loss-inducing moment for Yeddy is in Dharwad, December 2012: during a public meeting, his dais had a portrait of Tipu Sultan.


Skip to the present. BS Yeddyurappa and his party is leading a statewide campaign to present Tipu Sultan as a villain in the state of Karnataka. He has declared to hold protests across the state on November 8 against the government’s Tipu Jayanti celebrations.


We can only express our shock at the convenient memory loss of BS Yeddyurappa, the king of hypocrisy!


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