Iron Man speaks candidly on the steel flyover

Iron-Man.pngWe contacted Iron Man for his two bits on the proposed steel flyover and here is what the superhero of the future had to say.

1. Iron Man, are steel flyovers feasible?

IM: Well, Iron is my favorite metal. You see, apart from the fact that I do not have a real heart, I am undefeatable because of my armor made of Iron. Steel is just the better version of Iron, it’s stronger and lasts longer. Just like whiskey is good, but on the rocks, its better.

2. Is the steel flyover good for environment?

IM: See, Pepper is a green pea. So automatically, I have to be pro Green. You see the pea doesn’t fall far from the pod. But Steel construction does cause minimum disruption, and it is a recyclable metal with low carbon footprint.

3. Do you think the steel flyover is right for sustainable development?

IM: See, my metal parts are built to last very long. I’m not bragging but I’m going to last an eternity. And so will steel. For sustainable development and an emission-free environment, steel can be the choicest of construction material.


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