Dalits expose Modi’s Gujarat model


The dalit call for unity started from `Una Chalo’ movement in Gujarat and reached up to `Chalo Udupi’. Jignesh Mewani, dalit activist who had famously said over the cow politics of the BJP, that you keep the cow’s tail, give us our land, has become a popular spokesperson for the dalit.

Addressing the mega convention of Swabhimani Sangharsha Jatha Chalo Udupi at Mahatma Gandhi Bayalu Ranga Mandira, Beedinagudde, Jignesh had said, “Just as the people of Gujarat exposed the Gujarat model by showing the world the real face of the state , people of Karnataka -dalits, OBCs, minorities, tribals, farmers and women -should stand united with the Chalo Udupi leaders and bring change in society, he said.

This fight for dalit rights and self-respect will continue to haunt the BJP in the Karnataka state elections to defeat BJP’s casteist politics and mind-set


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