A steely resolve for development?


The government has made a steely resolve, to connect Basaveshwara circle to the neighbourhood of Hebbal through a steel bridge project. But some sections of the civil society have opposed the government’s move which will negatively impact the green cover of the city.

However, the city’s choked roads are in a dire need for better infrastructure and better connectivity of the airport with other parts of the city. Moreover, can the IT capital of India, which is in dire need of proper infrastructure, really say no to development?

But must we pit environment against development, each time the government undertakes a new infrastructure project. It is imperative that the government build the trust of its citizens, but there need to be logical alternatives instead of sheer opposition.

Even though this is not the first time Bengaluru’s infrastructure projects have been questioned by the citizens, and these questions speak of a dynamic democracy, we need to move towards a logical solution to the problem of development interfering with the environment



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