BJP’s new U-turn


If we were driving on the road of a principled politics, I would not want to be driven around with the BJP! The number of U-turns the party has done in the past few weeks over the Cauvery issue, are sure to send your brain into a tizzy

On 20 September, when the Supreme Court granted the Centre four weeks for Cauvery Water Management Board’s formation and later on 30 September extended the date to 4 October, the BJP led Union agreed, readily. Now suddenly the board formation seems “detrimental” to Karnataka’s interests!

When the BJP is in fact the ruling party in the centre, why has it not taken a firm position on the Cauvery for Karnataka? Neither has it put any pressure to send in the expert panel to check Karnataka dams, nor has it taken any interest in the drought situation in the state. Political principles cannot be riddled with so many flip flops and U-turns, unless the car is headed off the cliff.


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