Karnataka BJP and Delhi BJP: different strokes for different folks

Karnataka-BJP-and-Delhi-BJP (1).png

After virtually shaking hands with every foreign dignitary worth his salt, and shaking its head resolutely at Pakistan, the BJP has not been able to get one country to take a strong position against Pakistan as a sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

This is a standard response mechanism of BJP, how it reacts depends on which side of power it is: ruling or opposition. While it was in the opposition, it made all kinds of threats against Pakistan, and later when it came to power, the BJP invited the ISI over.

As the opposition in Karnataka, the BJP opposed the inter-party meet demanding action demanding a “strong position” on Cauvery. While in Delhi, the BJP has been asking Karnataka to stop being “selfish” and release water. Now the BJP leaders in Karnataka are stating that PM Modi’s intervention on the Cauvery issue is even not required!

So BJP’s mantra is, different strokes for different folks. Please the voters, win elections and then forget about the everything!


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