Why must we still release every last drop when we are parched?


This day shall be remembered as the day when justice was not only delayed, but profusely denied. The people of Karnataka were hoping to get reprieve from the earlier order of the Cauvery Supervisory Committee (CSC) for the release of 3,000 cubic feet of water per second (cusecs).

But the Supreme Court has gone one step ahead in mounting the denial of justice to people of Karnataka. The Supreme Court has now directed Karnataka to release 6,000 cusecs of Cauvery river water every day to Tamil Nadu till September 27.

Karnataka is grappling with an acute water deficit, and the government is contemplating declaring drought after nearly two months of dry spell. Despite this acute water shortage, the Cauvery Supervisory Committee had ordered Karnataka to release ridiculously high amount of water to Tamil Nadu

In such a condition, if there is water outflow form the Cauvery basin, then it could turn into another Latur. Why must we still release every last drop when we are parched in our own state?




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