Karnataka’s crucial case for Cauvery


Crucial facts about Karnataka’s case for Cauvery river water

  • FS Nariman who is Karnataka’s government lawyer on the Cauvery water dispute case has been Karnataka’s legal council and has represented the state’s cases in the Supreme Court for the past 32 years. He has enough experience and wisdom to present Karnataka’s case.
  •  Tamil Nadu has charged Karnataka with diverting water meant for farmers during distress years for undeclared projects. However, Karnataka’s own water problems are extremely crucial and lack of drinking water is a bigger grounds for distress than water for irrigation.
  •  The rainy season in Karnataka is nearing an end and it is struggling to fulfill its own water needs. While in Tamil Nadu, the rainy season is yet to begin and it has already received a sizeable proportion of water from the rains. Therefore Tamil Nadu is better placed than Karnataka to cater to its water needs.

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