Reliance on the Prime Minister


The readers of leading national dailies woke up to a full-page jacket advertisement with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dressed in a blue jacket, staring at them from under the words “Jio: Digital Life”

The country has never ever witnessed such an endorsement of a private product, by a person holding the most important constitutional office. Reliance Jio is deemed as Reliance Industries’ big ticket re-entry in the telecom market and the government is well within it’s rights to support it. But not to promote, favour or dedicated it “to India and 1.2 billion Indians”!

These dedications are a glimpse into the illicit relationship between industry heads and constitutional heads. Similar questions have been asked on the social media forums like Twitter which literally burst in surprise at Modi’s open endorsement of Reliance

Now the big question is, when will the Prime Minister respond to this breach of trust and if we can we rely on a prime minister which openly endorses a private company on front page advertisements?


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