Karnataka left low and dry, in Modi regime


The Modi government has left Karnataka, high and dry in more ways than one. For all the talk of farmer welfare, the center is yet to release Rs. 288 crore pending to Karnataka government which is most likely to go towards rehabilitating drought-hit farmers, since July, 2016.

Karnataka has the second highest arid land in the county, and as such is vulnerable to drought. Keeping this in mind, the Karnataka government made preemptive arrangements to offset drought induced hardships. The government made use of the resources at its disposal is MNREGA to create jobs for the drought-hit farmers. They have created around 475.50 lakh person days under MNREGA till September, 2016.

This, while the central government still refuses to acknowledge the drought affected regions across India as such, as indicted by the Supreme Court of India. The Karnataka government has now rightfully reached out to the central government to pay their share of the excess expenditure incurred. Now it needs to be seen whether the Modi government is up to fulfilling its promise to the farmers?


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