To Love thy country, hate thy neighbor?


We have seen a deluge of hate crimes in the country under the stewardship of the BJP. The prime motivator of most of these crimes is not love for the country, but for the neighbor. But what about the people inhabiting the neighboring country? This is precisely the point Ramya was trying to raise when she said that the people in Pakistan were in fact, nice.

In fact, the people who inhabit the county of Pakistan share a long common history with India. Do we hate Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Reshma because of the “P” word? In fact, Indians have poured out their love for Pakistani actors, singers, poets and playwrights for so many years now.

Above all, the common historical, cultural and linguistic ties shared by people of both countries is a source of close ties. Eminent playwright Atamjit Singh has stated in support of Ramya’s statement, that the land of birthplace of Guru Nanak Singh and Baba Farid could not be hell for Punjabis. And rightly so.

Logically speaking, hate only profits the businessmen of votes who call themselves desh ke sevaks. Honest politicians, spread love, not hate.


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