Yes Minister!


The logic of a minister’s personal security in India breaches all standards of logic and appreciation for human rights or dignity. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has once again proved, that when it comes to his personal security, which includes preventing getting his feet wet, all is fair!

Whether it is making hapless aides hold his sneakers while he walks through the mud making earnest expressions at the cameramen or making his security carry him across ankle-deep water, it is all in the interest of the minister’s security.

The Twitter has obviously once again erupted in guffaws. One user says, “#Flood or no flood, #Kursi position must remain intact.” While another quipped at him being lifted by security men, “Shivraj Singh Chauhan doing aerial survey of flood affected areas”.

And while the hearty laugh at the minister’s buffoonery was fully justified. The saddest part is, the police personnel will continue to be forced to say in the face of every disaster, “yes minister!”


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