BJP’s cow terror, doesn’t spare its own!


The Prime Minister has once again delivered a stellar speech. But like all his other promises, the one thing which remains constant in all things uttered by him, is the lack of any real action. Shortly after his speech against cow vigilantism, another shocking incident of ‘killing over cow’ has emerged. This time, the victim is a BJP worker.

Praveen Poojary was beaten to death by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists in Udupi, Karnataka after they found him transporting two cows in his vehicle. The takeaway from this episode is, those from the lower echelons of society, are vulnerable to BJP’s cow terror, even when they are affiliated to the party itself.

Well, in one way the ruling BJP has brought about social equality. All weaker sections are equally vulnerable to its cow terror. In the most perverse and sadistic way, BJP has surely brought about social equality.


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