This independence day, live a little


What better way to celebrate the independence day, than giving the people who have lost all hope of redemption, another chance at life. A batch of around 350 life convicts in Karnataka may be set free, this Independence Day.

According to the ‘Guidelines for Premature Release of Certain Categories of Prisoners Sentenced to Life’, convicts, who have completed 14 years of prison sentence and have a record of good behavior during their imprisonment and parole are eligible for premature release.

Already the Karnataka government has released 375 life convicts, on the Republic Day this year. This is in keeping with the idea that prison cells must be spaces of reform and correction, where premature release should be an incentive for self- improvement.

We are a truly independent society, if we allow our convicts a chance at bettering their lives, a chance at self-reflection and self-correction, and a chance at savoring the gift of life by starting anew. This independence day, we look forward to this new lease of life.


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