BJP brigade’s mob violence, PM Modi’s deathly silence

gujarat-dalit-759One often wonders in amazement at the string of logic of the BJP government, which slots the nilgai as vermin and the cow as divine. BJP’s politics over animals, has yet again prompted its vast army of vigilantes to brutalize people on the suspicion of carrying beef. Human life it seems, is the cheapest commodity, specially if it belongs to the body of a dalit, or a muslim.

 Yet again dalits are protesting, this time in Chikkamagaluru to protest the thrashing of a Dalit family by Bajrang Dal members on the suspicion of cow slaughter. The only response from our Prime minister is his deathly silence.

At a railway station in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district, two Muslim women suspected of carrying beef were beaten up and abused by the Hindu Dal, a couple of days back. The slaughter of buffalo and consumption of its meat are legal in Madhya Pradesh, but sellers require a permit from the local civic body for the same. However the saffron terrorists seemed to have all the permit from the police, as the bashing happened in the full public view and presence of cops.


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