Hypocrisy, thy name is BJP


With due respect to the law of the land, KJ George has offered his resignation when the court ordered an FIR against him. Investigations are still on and the Government has shown full respect for the law of the land. Now compare this BJP’s past record. BJP’s Maya Kodnani had to be forced to resign by the Gujarat High court in 2009, for orchestrating the horrendous Naroda Patiya riots in 2002!

When the Congress party had sought the resignation of Union ministers Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya over the suicide of a Dalit student at Hyderabad Central University, the BJP in turn accused its vice president Rahul Gandhi of politicizing the death!

The BJP had then attacked the Congress for taking the political discourse to “such a low” that it was doing politics over a student’s death. While in Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party has disrupted the state assembly, over the resignation of Minister K.J. George.

Where was the BJP’s sensitivity to suicides under political pressure, when Rohith Vemula who was constantly branded and accused being an anti-national committed suicide because of the university administration’s harassment fuelled by its ministers in power?


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