The nation wants to know, who is Praveen khandya


While the BJP is yet again, busy training its guns at the Karnataka government this monsoon session, one wonders how the all-aggressive BJP has acquired a deafening silence over the suicide of later officer Kallappa Handibag. Could it be because the prime accused in the kidnapping incident which seemed to have prompted Handibag’s suicide, is a man sheltered, funded and tutored by the Sangh?

We are talking about Praveen Khandya. A hardcore Hindutva leader in Chikkamagaluru region, Khandya is the prime accused in the kidnapping of Thejas Gowda, which has been largely held responsible for the suspension, and eventually suicide of the Dy S P Kallappa Handibag.

Khandya is a history-sheeter, infamous for his involvement in creating communal disharmony and other obnoxious activities like robbery, extortion, and as has now surfaced, kidnapping. Khandya faces as many as 32 cases and is known to have volunteered for organizations like the VHP and Bajrang Dal.

Khandya is a classic example of just the kind of tolerance the BJP affiliated Hindutva groups preach. Khandya was accused in many cases of assault on cattle transporters in Sringeri and Chikkamagaluru region. Interestingly, in May 2010, he was also one among the many leading the attack on a gospel meeting at Chikkamagaluru.

We cannot help but wonder why, the nation which has been wanting to know about the Handibag issue and Praveen Khandya’s involvement in the incident leading up to the tragic suicide is being responded with a criminal silence, by the BJP and by the media alike.


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