BJP’s mantra: stall the assembly

Karnataka_Assembly_651924f (1)

There was a time when peaceful protests, press statements and healthy debating inside the assembly was considered ideal practices of criticism by the opposition. These days, the BJP has come out with a new tactic: disrupt, interrupt and delay the assembly as part of its larger strategy for a “Congress-mukt” Bharat.

This monsoon assembly session is an extended budget session, where important issues related to farmer’s welfare, public expenditure on social schemes and many important legislations were to be discussed and debated. The BJP however, has clearly turned the assembly into a space of creating unwarranted disruption by not letting any of the aforementioned discussion take place!

Despite the fact, that the CID has undertaken an impartial probe into the shocking and sad suicide of the late officer M.K. Ganapathy, continuous efforts have been made by the BJP to stall the assembly session, to gain political mileage. The all important question is, when there is a procedure in place to raise an issue for short discussion, why does the BJP continue to disrupt the proceedings, instead of legitimately and logically discussing it. If this disruption and stalling continues, the state of Karnataka shall definitely be let down by the opposition which is acting in an opportunistic and destructive manner.


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