When Tragedy befalls, it’s time to act, not react: 2


Chaos instead of clarity. Opinion instead of facts. Propaganda instead of respect for fair enquiry. This is what has happened in the days following the horrific tragedy of the late officer Ganapathi’s death.

The biggest misinformation has been, the unfair clubbing together of late Ganapathi’s death with the recent suicide of Dy SP Kallappa Handibag. Handibag was a suspended Dy SP, accused in a kidnapping case. While both matters are being investigated by the CID, and important facts are still unknown, the two cases are entirely separate. The timing of the two cases is a matter of sheer coincidence, and any attempt to mix the two, points to vested interests and attempt to sabotage justice.

The tragic incident of suicide of Deputy Superintendent of Police, M. K. Ganapathi, is most unfortunate and shocking, both for the people and government in the state of Karnataka. The priority of the government is, to unearth the facts of this horrible tragedy and extend all support to the family of the late officer, in this time of mourning.

Most importantly, instead of spreading vicious hatred against the government, it is important to strengthen the bond of trust between the people and the government in the face of this horrible tragedy. The government of Karnataka has taken some important steps towards police reforms.

In comparison with the previous government in Karnataka, this government has instituted more probes by investigating agencies and has not hesitated to bring the guilty to book. Moreover the government has introduced some prominent police reforms recently. The government has increased allowances, made special reforms for families of the police personnel, ensured mandatory weekly off for personnel and instituted high level committee to address salary concerns, for the overall improvement of standard of life and working conditions of the police personnel.

What we continue to hear is the clamour of distasteful sensationalisation of a tragic death for political gains and grandstanding. What we really need right now is, a de-escalation and diffusion of the situation.


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