When Tragedy befalls, it’s time to act, not react


Karnataka was shaken to a sad and harsh truth on Thursday. Deputy Superintendent of Police M K Ganapati was found hanging from the ceiling fan in a room at a lodge in Madikeri. As much as the tragedy itself saddens us, what’s worst is the reaction of the media and the BJP in Karnataka, to this unfortunate incident. While the BJP vent spleen against the Congress, the media jutted cameras in the faces of the late officer’s family, showing the most unsavory close-ups of the dead body for mere hype and sensationalism.

The only befitting manner of showing tragedies such as these, in visual media, is to present facts sensitively without any sensationalism. However, we have been witness to exactly the opposite. The media has been bombarding people with news of BJP leader, Jagadish Shettar announcing that the BJP would launch state-wide protests. Arvind Limbavalli, a BJP MLA tweeted that there will be massive protests by the BJP against the “Cong govt.’s harassment”, without a word of sympathy for the family of the late officer. Local media has shown absolutely no regard for journalistic restrain in this highly sensitive and sad case, either.

So far as protests to the suicide are concerned, nothing looks more stage-managed than school kids participating in a political protest. Was it really necessary to use tiny tots, who do not even understand the meaning of a protest, for protests against the government in this manner? In all of this high-pitched media and BJP backed sensationalism, what we really seem to have lost is respect for facts and the logical steps for redressal

It is a fact that the Karnataka government has ordered a probe by the Criminal Investigation Department into this incident. It is also a fact that MK Ganapati had been suspended from duty while serving at Rajgopal Nagar police station in 2014 for not following Standard Operating Procedure. It will only be known in the due course of time, what were the real reasons, personal or professional which pushed him into taking such an extreme step. As things stand, only a thorough enquiry of this incident and the events leading up to it, can bring out the real facts. The right thing right now for us all, is to mourn the loss of an officer and act sensibly.



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