Fresh face and good base in Uttar Pradesh


Congress leadership has indicated that Priyanka Gandhi will have a bigger role to play in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. The various media reactions to this news have acquired celebratory tones.

Priyanka’s role as an emerging leader in the Congress can be a positive sign for the Congress party, indicating a fresh woman face in the leadership position. Additionally, this is also a positive sign for a country where social norms prohibit woman from being in positions of leadership and power.

It is believed that the formal announcement on this should be made at a rally in Uttar Pradesh either at Lucknow or Allahabad, where Priyanka will be presented as the face of the party’s campaign for the Assembly polls. This resolves the perceived lack of leadership crisis in the Congress, as also presents a legitimate social base, which has been termed popularly as the “face plus base” strategy.

There is no denying the fact that the Congress will benefit from Priyanka’s presence. Her entry is deemed to energize party workers and give them a reason to engage more actively. Despite increasing the chances of electoral victory, Priyanka’s involvement is also a sign of a healthy democracy. Active participation of women in politics which has hitherto been dominated by men, bodes well for the future of the Indian democracy.


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