Have we learnt our lesson?


Yet again, the country is stunned with another chilling tale of sexual violation of minor girls, this time in Maharashtra, that too by teachers. The Nirbhaya fund which was set up in 2013 for the rehabilitation of survivors of sexual violence has not been utilized by the BJP to create One Stop Rape Crisis Centers in the country, to rehabilitate survivors of sexual violence. One after the other, we have seen incidents of sexual violence where the victims remain neglected and stigmatized. This time the incident occurred in a school, involving minor girls, who were clearly being predated upon. The bigger question here is, what the government is doing to rehabilitate the victims, who are minor girls!

Time and again the BJP has shown its decadent and moralistic approach to the issue of sexual violence and sex education. Instead of empowering young minds though proper counselling, rehabilitation and education, the BJP’s approach is to bush it under the carpet.

Action was prompted in this particular case only due to the large scale protests which erupted in Yavatmal against the school authorities. Protestors demand the action against Vijay Darda, chairman of the Jawaharlal Darda Education Trust that runs the school, Vice-chairman Devendra Darda and Secretary Kishore Darda. As of now, the police have arrested the accused under Section 21 of the POCSO Act, but may we know how ever will we rehabilitate the minor victims of this horrendous act?


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