Like a broken record, the accusation against Robert Vadra makes headlines repeatedly, without being substantiated by proof. Before every parliamentary session, and state elections alike, the media gets instantly flooded with stock footage of the allegations over which a probe is still on. And like diligent microphones, senior party leader of the BJP shout out the same allegations against Robert Vadra, every election season and religiously before every parliamentary session. But not a squeak was made by the BJP on the reliance expose made by the Essar tapes!

The Essar tapes made shocking revelations, of how Reliance was trying to manage the Shivani Bhatnagar Murder case to favour Pramod Mahajan. The tapes contain recordings of Reliance dictating tariff plans of BSNL. Further, there are conversations about fear of a probe on the KG Basin case and shocking proof of Amar Singh, lobbying in favour of Reliance Petroleum in the Ketan Parikh Scam and Global Trust Bank controversy.

So instead of acting against wrong-doers, the BJP’s clear intention here seems to be, to taint the Congress. In 2013, people saw the Vadra issue being raised before the Rajasthan assembly. In the 2014 Haryana assembly elections also, the BJP made Vadra their election issue. But the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not spoken a single word on the Essar tapes, on which he was informed in May by Supreme Court lawyer Suren Uppal.

In Karnataka, we have seen a similar media attention on the unsubstantiated allegations by the former Deputy Superintendent of Police Anupama Shenoy against the Congress government. Instead of an honest and impartial effort to reduce corruption and wrongdoing, these allegations seem part of the BJP’s Congress-mukt agenda.

Now that the monsoon session of the parliament is due, we can expect some more croaking from the seasonal frogs.


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