Reshuffle to Revamp and rejuvenate


As is the law of nature, to create something new, some amount of destruction is inevitable. When a strong gust of wind uproots vegetation, it falls and mixes into the all-encompassing earth, which cracks open to give life to newer life forms. This rule of creative destruction applies to politics in the same measure.

Now that the Karnataka Chief Minister has revamped the cabinet, to induct 13 dynamic ministers and sacking 14 ministers the process of creative destruction has been initiated in the state. We can surely expect some new energy, new decisions and new action, leading up to the state assembly elections, 2018.

In the swearing-in ceremony at Raj Bhavan, nine ministers of Cabinet rank and four Ministers of State were inducted while the Governor Vajubhai Vala administered the oath of office and secrecy. Keeping in mind the performance of the ministers, Siddaramaiah had recommended removal of 14 ministers which the Governor accepted.

The new ministers to join the bandwagon are, Tanveer Sait, Kagodu Thimmappa, Ramesh Kumar, Basavaraj Raya Reddy, H Y Meti, S S Mallikarjun, M R Seetharam, Santosh Lad and Ramesh Jarkiholi at the cabinet rank. Priyank Kharge, Rudrappa Lamani, Eshwar Khandre and Pramod Madhwaraj were sworn-in as Ministers of State.

File photo o The reshuffle, did not finish without ruffling a few feathers. But a fair balance of caste and region was made in a ministry of 33, one less than the constitutional limit. This exercise also seems to be the blowing of the state assembly election bugle in 2018. The Congress is aware of the fact that Karnataka is presently the only large state where the Congress party is in power.


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