BJP’s POLITICAL REPORT CARD FEEDBACK: from #PomoneModi to #Venkayya Sakayya


Anger against BJP is showing no signs of dying down. Even as BJP plans to recover from the embarrassing #Pomone Modi setback in Kerala, a Kannadiga from Bengaluru has started the campaign for Venkaiah’s disgraceful return. The GoBackVenkaiah campaign is against M Venkaiah Naidu, who has been getting elected to Rajya Sabha since 1998 on a Karnataka seat.

Despite the fact that members like VK Singh and Subramanian Swamy are embarrassment enough for the BJP, this latest Twitter campaign has added insult to injury. Netizens have questioned Naidu’s credentials, commenting, “Venkaiah didn’t even adopt a Karnataka village for the Model village scheme. Why should he be given RS seat from the state”. Another tweet asks, “Venkaiah said he will do justice to Andhra though he is MP from Karnataka. Finally he managed to cheat both states.”

This campaign comes at a time when the BJP is engaged in urging people to smile at its two year rule. The people have retorted and rebuffed with asking them to leave. Next stop dismissal.


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