Want to test your patience and anger management skills? Read Subramanian Swamy’s comments


What is BJP’s response to the grim electoral results predicted by the exit polls for it, in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal? Unleash Subramanian Swamy to deflect attention from its own failures!

Swamy’s unverified, illogical, unsubstantiated and absurd attacks on first the Gandhi family, and now Raghuram Rajan are classic deflection tactic of BJP. Swamy’s attack does not follow any logical string of argument. It is BJP’s classic trick of deflection. One week of unjustified attacks on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi on the AgustaWestland deal, and now it’s Rajan. Swamy makes no effort to show respect to institutions like the RBI, or processes within the parliament.

This is not the first time Swamy has shot to fame for his derogatory and reactionary rants. In 2013, Swamy had tweeted that homosexuals needed to go to a hospital because it was a “mental disorder”. Then to make matters worse, when he was told one must respect everyone, Swamy tweeted, “Issue is not respect. We respect handicapped persons. Homos are genetically handicapped”.

Swamy’s comments and tweets must be made a test case for all who want to check the threshold levels for patience and anger management. For now, we can only say, mission unleash Swamy, not successful!


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