Harish Rawat, makes a comeback and how!

Uttarakhand Assembly floor test

Harish Rawat thanked his lucky stars, and all local and universal gods after it was announced he will be soon restored as chief minister in Utttarakhand. Considering the center had pulled all stops to impose the president’s rule, all such gestures by the CM designate, stand justified. There definitely seems to be a divine hand at play here.

The Congress camp came out on streets smudged in paint and drowned in a sea of supporters and sweets. Rawat got the support of 33 of the 61 MLAs who took part in the vote, reducing the BJP at 28.

A jubilant Rawat declared this was the victory of the people of Utttarakhand, Clearly this close victory has made him humbler. A lesson the central government is yet to learn. He jubilantly claimed, “Uttarakhand has won”.

Rawat had failed to get the appropriation bill passed on March 18, when the nine Congress rebel MLAs voted along with BJP against it. Since then the Centre was locked in a fight to uproot the Congress government in the state. Today’s floor-test sent the BJP to its grave!

The highly anticipated Congress win was facilitated by its success in protecting its own flock while holding on to four MLAs supporting it, and the last-minute decision of Mayawati to get her two MLAs to vote for Rawat.

Hopefully the BJP will learn that clamping down on state governments is not an alternative to setting up democratically elected governments. If you want to rule, then you have to win, in a democratic manner! Anybody in the Modi camp listening!


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