Modi model of development: when in doubt, fake it!


I had a really weird dream last night. PM Narendra Modi was singing to Arvind Kejriwal, dressed in colorful attire, in the backdrop of a rustic location. He was singing, “Aa.. Aa.. Eeee… U.. U.. O! mera dil na todo, Mai angootha chap panda aur likhna janu na”. Scared with the prospect of our prime minister singing, I woke up sweaty and distressed. Only to be haunted by the news of the PM’s allegedly fake BA degree.

Even as, Amit Shah showcased PM Modi’s degrees to the media and asked Arvind Kejriwal to apologise to the nation for levelling allegations, Shah’s arguments remain unconvincing. The degree doesn’t show any enrolment number, which authenticates the year of enrolment. Also, it is a well known fact that photocopy of degrees are not authentic poof of the same, since a photocopy can be easily faked. Which begs the question, where is the original and why was it not shown?

In the same press conference, Arun Jaitley said that this was an example of how low the political discourse has gone in the country. Taking a jibe at AAP, he said the issue was being raised by a party whose leaders are being prosecuted for false degrees. He said that it was no mean feat for a person coming from a low strata to pursue education and that a party which speaks about welfare of the aam aadmi should understand this.

Even as, we have great empathy for all students from humble backgrounds who pursue higher education, the government’s imposition of fine and punishment on the student leader Kanhaiya who is pursuing a doctorate despite all odds, paints a very negative picture of the party’s respect for poor people pursuing education. This in the end, seems like a bad attempt at faking a degree. Somewhat similar to BJP’s development model, when in doubt, fake it!


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