Get elected as the Prime Minister to bypass your bachelor’s degree

Narendra-Modi-DegreeDikhaoPMSaabPresenting to you, the latest shortcut to a post-graduate degree, without having to undergo the sweat and toil of obtaining a bachelor’s degree! Just get elected as the Prime Minister and you are sorted! This is what the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, seems to be suggesting through his letter to Delhi University Vice-Chancellor. He urged the VC to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree public.

In his to letter to DU V-C Yogesh Tyagi, Kejriwal said that, "It will be better if you upload the degree on DU website. After all, people of this country have the right to know how much educated our Prime Minister is.”

In the election affidavits, Mr. Modi’s had claimed that he has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University. But the RTIs seeking details of the degree remained unanswered. AAP leaders also visited the University to meet the DU VC, to inquire about the degree.

Now the big question here arises, if indeed the PM didn’t obtain a bachelor’s degree, as is being suggested by Mr. Kejriwal, how did he ever manage to get a post-graduate degree!


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