THE KERALA RAPE CASE: The Mind-Numbing details


The details of the horrific rape and murder of Priya, 30-year- old, law graduate in Kerala last month, has left the country in a state of utter shock. The dalit student lived in a one room house with her mother at a place called ‘canal purambokku’ (waste land) in Perumbavoor.

The Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has promised there will be no lapses, only after all the lapses have already been made! Priya was constantly stalked and harassed by a relative of a Panchayat member. She and her mother had, in the past, had quarrels with this man, which once led to a death threat from him. But the police took no action, nor has it made any arrests till date. The student had complained for nearly a year to the police that she was being harassed, but was ignored!

This is not even the worst thing about this incident. The details of the crime reveal not just an attempt to rape, but to deeply harm and humiliate the student. Her nose was found severed due to a blow from a weapon, and the body had sustained 30 stab wounds! Reports have also described the body having sustained bite marks and attempts of strangulation. The student was attacked so barbarically that her intestines had come out. Such mind numbing cruelty defies any attempt of description.


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