In a deeply divided society, learning is a privilege of a select few. But when knowledge goes online, it creates inclusion and greater access to a socially necessary good. The Karnataka Textbook Society has decided to upload soft copies of all books related to the secondary and primary education department, online.

Now the students will be able to access textbooks of all the classes (from 1- 10) can for free. This will be advantageous for all students who have internet connectivity. Not only school bags will become lighter, this move is slated to bring in greater accessibility for students and encourage more students towards education in the state. At present, only SSLC textbooks in Kannada, English and Urdu are available on the KTS website. The initiative will also help researchers in Karnataka and other states as they can access the books online.

KTS has roped in the National Informatics Centre to complete the project within a month. Getting access to online textbooks is simple – a student has to log on to the website, select his/her class, subject name and medium of instruction. The student will come across a PDF format of the book, which can be downloaded for free.

This is a highly welcome decision. It can only be hoped that sections of the media which is busy covering negative news about the education department, highlights this important initiative. For credit must be given, where it is due.


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