Opposing for opportunism?

Siddaramaiah Poojary

There is a marked difference between opposing for a genuine ethical reason and opposing for personal opportunism. The former is usually made at the organizational level, through meetings, discussions and generating a larger consensus around an issue, while the latter is done by making irresponsible statements in the media. The war of words by some senior Congress politicians, stink of opportunism. Specially the irresponsible statements against the Chef Minister Siddaramaiah. This has given rise to a verbal duel. The verbal duel happened when the leaders had gathered to inaugurate Billava Samudaya Bhavana in Hulimavu in the city.

Taking an indirect swipe at CM Siddaramaiah, B. Janardhana Poojary had said that he had had the opportunity of becoming CM four times but he did not accept the post simply because he had not acquired the skill of “collection”. He said, “To become CM, one needs a different skill set and most importantly, whoever becomes CM, should do good collection.” Taking a direct swipe at Poojary, H Anjaneya remarked, “Even though it was Mr Poojary who was instrumental in shaping me as a politician, I would say that he has been losing elections due to his big mouth.”

It is most pertinent to note here, that political criticism should not be just a function of political opportunism, which seems to be the case with the opponents of Siddaramaiah. A true leader cares about inspiring people towards a positive vision, even when he has differences and doubts, not making media statements to taint and tarnish!


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