Bangalore – A city of future!

“Bangalore, in many ways, is unlike the other great cities of India. Most of the other cities in India remind one certainly of the present, certainly of the future but essentially of the past. But Bangalore, as I said, more than any other great city of India is a picture of the future…. “

-Jawaharlal Nehru, July 17, 1962


Bangalore has got a global identity now. It is a place where the past and the present, Tradition and modernity live together. Urban culture in the city has transformed itself into a mix of local, national and global identities. Ethnic mix and multiculturalism have become a great strength of this city. The more we explore this city, the more beauty we tend to find.

Bangalore today is the world’s second largest IT/ITeS cluster in the world, second only to Silicon Valley. According to the KIG 2020 study carried out by the Karnataka ICT Group, by 2020 it will become the largest collection of talent in a single location on the planet, with 20 lakh IT professionals, about 60 lakh indirect employment and exports worth Rs 4 lakh crore.

From generating mass employment via IT and software services over the last two decades, to creating footprints on every known map, Bangalore has done it all. The talent spill-over from the city’s IT industry is now making Bangalore a hub for entrepreneurial growth.

Although it continues to look towards the future, Bangalore has not lost touch with its past, keeping it alive in its well-preserved ancient temples and mosques. It has plenty of gardens, natural features, museums, temples and palaces which attract the minds of Indians as well as foreigners. It is also famous for its classical music, dance and culture.

Against this landscape, Bengaluru despite all its issues, has a great potential to outlive its expectation and become possibly the most cosmopolitan metropolis in the world.

The future of economic development in India and elsewhere in the developing world lies in nurturing its cities, such as Bangalore which can take the whole nation forward.


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