Convert the SUV into a water car?


Finally, B.S. yedyurappa, chided by the party central leadership for accepting the Rs. 1 Crore SUV from his dear friend and sugar baron, Murugesh Nirani has decided to give up his prized possession!

On being taken to task by the people for the ethical breach, Yedyurappa sent back the car. In his defence he had earlier stated, “Murugesh Nirani has given me this car for party work. After that, he will take back the car. I am going around the state, so a good car is required. I am going to use it and after two years, once my term is over, he will take the car back”.

It is quite odd, that the ex-chief minister finds it most suitable to travel in luxury vehicles for touring the state, while most women have to walk miles to ferry water back home on their heads in the face of acute water shortage.

Yeddyurappa was forced to resign as Chief Minister in 2011 over graft charges. Now that he has come back to assume the charge as the state BJP president, he should at least try veiling his high-handedness. Well we have a brilliant idea for the proper disposal of this abandoned vehicle. Why not employ the SUV in delivering water to the drought-hit regions of Karnataka which the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is touring. This could be Karnataka’s own local version of Maharashtra’s water train. Any Takers!


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