Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most corrupt of them all!

Modi Yeddi

Unable to fulfil its electoral promise of bringing back black money, guess the alternative BJP has offered to the people? After bringing back BS Yeddyurappa in 2013 just before the state assembly elections, the party has now elevated him to the position of Karnataka BJP president. This is despite the fact that Yeddyurappa has had a tainted record of having 15 FIR’s by the Lokayukta police for land related corruption alone!

In 2011, Governor HR Bhardwaj had sanctioned permission to file a case against Mr Yeddyurappa after the Lokayukta indicted him in its illegal mining report. He was asked to step down after the indictment in illegal mining report. In the face of mounting charges of corruption, he resigned from his post rand left the party, forming the Karnataka Janata Paksha in 2012. But he made an eleventh hour pre-election entry into the BJP in 2013.

As though its hands weren’t black enough, with the Bellary brothers’ coal corruption, the BJP has decided to further add another shade of black to its political reputation in Karnataka by appointing BS Yeddyurappa as the Karnataka BJP president.

Yedyurappa seems to be the last hope for a staggering BJP, after it has already lost two important states, Delhi and Bihar. By roping in Yeddyurappa, the BJP has proven that vote-bank calculations are dearer to it, than commitment to anti-corruption.


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