From CM, with Love: Rs 5, 000 crore for Bengaluru


The city of gardens, gets a bouquet from Karnataka Chief Minister in the form of Rs. 5000 crore package for Bengaluru. Not just the size of the package, but the range of focus areas is also impressive.

What are the ingredients to a perfect city? Take generous amounts of scenic beauty, now add ample trees and lakes, mix it with oodles of entrepreneurial opportunities, infrastructural development and, information and technology. Now top it off with a dollop of Rs. 5000 crore! Yes, that’s Bengaluru in budget 2016­-17!

The Karnataka budget 2016-­17, has shown its commitment to the vision of urban development, by allocating Rs. 5000 crore to Bengaluru. The city is known for its smart, start­-up savvy people, and the generous allocation is a step in the direction of transforming Bengaluru into a smart­-er city.

Smart cities are characterised by an enhanced quality of life, interactivity of services and quality infrastructure. The budget allocation of Rs. 441 crore for 51 km of signal free roads is a highway to heaven for Begalurians who have spent many a lovely mornings waiting in the middle of jams.

Rs. 100 crore has been set aside for lake development and Rs. 800 crore for storm water drains. What’s more, Rs. 500 crore has been set aside for solid waste management. Looks like the government has pulled up its socks to set Bengaluru running in the race for development. Although there is some disappointment with the rising liquor prices, and the rising mercury this summer, the budget has brought in much respite for a long-­term development of the city. Cheers to that!


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